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Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

Our Partners

— TomBarnett.tv

Tom Barnett is a holistic health practitioner and mindset coach, covering diverse topics from law, culture and sociology to human health and spirituality. Many people from all walks of life have found value in Tom’s relaxed and calm demeanor while getting right to the point, providing valuable, stable content that will remain applicable for life. 

— LawfulMe

LawfulMe brings together experts and community in order to share information, resources and advice on lawful processes, your rights, understanding and initiating contracts and living and operating in the private.

— TeachME

Based on natural law, TeachME is a mentors guild that recognises ourselves and our youth as sovereign beings. This means that we view human life as sacred and it is taken as an irrevocable fact that we have inalienable rights, which cannot be removed by any external institution.

The TeachME approach is a holistic and decentralised way of learning which bridges the gap between mainstream and alternative education through innovation. We provide learning and advocacy for our young to grow up empowered with the skills to actively engage in creating and participating in thriving modern communities.

— Staying Healthy

All of our products are proudly Australian made and where possible, made with Certified Organic ingredients.

— Health Care Practitioners Only