It’s Time To Stand Up & Unite


If you do not know your rights, you have none.

Who We Are

As awareness grows of what is happening in Australia and around the world, the need to gather to create change for humanity’s common good–now and for the generations to follow–is not only necessary but urgent!

Our intention is for a movement that is arising to reassert the divine purpose and its operation to restore every Man and Woman back to their natural and lawful being.

The vision is to create communities for the people by the people. To bring awareness, connection & direction to step into our natural human rights. To stand against any authority that rules unjustly against our will. No earthly force can take your sovereign rights away!

Connect & embrace awareness with like-minded people through regular gatherings, workshops and seminars.

It’s time to stand up & unite.

The law we have in common


— What Is Common Law?

Common Law is the gateway to Tribal/Natural Law, and it is our Inalienable Right.

Our Creator gives us our rights, and no earthly force can take those rights away without our consent.

By nature, every man, woman, and child is free, equal and sovereign, possessing the inherent knowledge of whatever is true and right.

This inherent gift endows all living souls with the inalienable right to establish self-governance and defend themselves against any tyranny or violence, including that inflicted by external authorities.

Any authority that rules unjustly or arbitrarily, without the free and uncoerced living soul’s consent, has lost its right to rule and can be lawfully overthrown.


— What Does Inalienable Mean?

Not subject to alienation; the characteristic of those things which cannot be bought or sold or transferred from one person, your God given rights it cannot be taken away from you unless you give consent 


— Why Should You Become Involved

The WHY of this community derives its authority from human beings themselves and from their capacity to know what is right and wrong and treat others in a just and fair manner


— The Law we have in Common is Common Sense

  • Treat others as you want to be treated 
  • Cause no harm 
  • Cause no loss 
  • Be honourable in your agreements 
  • Integrity is the highest value 


Your Strawman Is an Artificial Person

At the time of birth, each person is issued their own strawman, legally speaking. On a birth certificate, the name that appears is in all capital letters. This name is a person’s legal name. However, people often write their names using a combination of lowercase and capital letters, which is, legally speaking, a separate entity.

Even names appearing on official licenses, such as those issued for marriage, appear in capital letters (ALL CAPS). Until the time that a person (name in lowercase letters) reclaims their straw man (the name in all capitals), the state owns the name, not the person.

Meet Your - Strawman! - Infomatic


When we comprehend that the elite use us as chattel–cargo–products–we begin to wake up and claim otherwise. We are living souls who possess inalienable sovereign rights.