Clairvoyant/Life Coach Quantum Shit Shifter!

Clairvoyant/Life Coach Quantum Shit Shifter!

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Phone Number: 0468477764
Bourton Road, Merrimac QLD, Australia, Hatlowe Heights, Australia 4226

Fun and funky ways to heal the pain of past,or find the path of love you seek, with guidance from the cosmos!


My name is Sequoia.

I am a Lightworker, here at this time to assist in raising the consciousness of individuals and the collective .


I have been doing transformational work,with people from across the globe, for over 38 years.

One on one, and group facilitation in a process that heals the trauma form the womb, inner child, past lives, and more.

We all carry karmic imprints, that have been passed down through generations. They can hold us back in many ways in out lfe, that we may not even be aware of .

Also, Clairvoyant readings,Spiritual guidance and so much more .

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